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Example: (Problem 7.32) Dataset “WEIGHTGAIN”

In a study to assess the effect of increased calories in weight gain, 16 non-obese adults, aged 25 to 36 years, were fed 1000 calories per day in excess of the calories needed to maintain a stable body weight. The subjects maintained this diet for 8 weeks, so they consumed a total of 56,000 extra calories. According to theory , 3500 extra calories will translate into a weight gain of 1 lb. Therefore we would expect each of the subjects to gain 56,000/3,500 = 16 lbs. The weights of each subject before and after the 8 week period is recorded in the dataset “WeightGain”.

We want to test the claim at α = 0.05 that the subjects gained 16 lbs during the 8-week study.